Swan Communities core business model is to acquire, manage and sell residential land. Our expertise in evaluating, developing, and selling subdivisions along with our in-depth understanding of the development cycle gives us the competitive edge in delivering value to our investors and builder-clients. We target strategically placed land assets in high growth areas across central Florida. Our team assesses trends and factors that drive demand, including population growth, job trends, and future housing demand.


We offer solutions to long-term inventory needs by acquiring land identified by builders and offer flexible agreements for future purchase for either entitled land (“shovel ready”) or finished lot deliveries. Our specialty is in site design, working through political zoning approvals, processing horizontal construction permits, and working collaboratively with key industry stakeholders that create value for our builder-clients.


Our designed communities are the crème le crème for traditional builders and B2R operators. We service various market segments and have a unique blend of financial and operational strength that enables us to acquire, develop, and execute successful investments. We avoid challenging market conditions, and we catch the growth wave that crests on certain TPA and ORL submarkets.


If interested in learning more about current and future land investment opportunities, contact us today at admin@swancommunities.com .